We demand change and we demand it now. There is no turning back. The power belongs to the people, and the people – you, me, all of us together will and must bring about these changes. Changes we need to get Illinois back on the right track. Changes to take back our state. Join us in demanding:

  1. TERM LIMITS – 8 years in the state senate or house is enough. We need new leadership.
  2. FAIR AND JUST MAP – An independent commission – and not the politicians- is necessary to draw fair legislative maps that are not gerrymandered to serve the politicians, but are created to ensure competitive elections.
  3. DUMP SPEAKER MADIGAN – The single greatest obstacle to change and reforms. One way or another we must work to oust him from office.

A Message From Illinois Citizen Uprising Founder Jim Coxworth

Illinois Citizen Uprising Founder Jim Coxworth

My fellow Citizens,

Welcome to your Illinois Citizen Uprising website. I started this citizens organization because I believe that together as citizens we can make a difference. Like many of you I grew up here in Illinois, went to school, raised a family and I’ve been fortunate to own and operate a successful business. I started this citizens organization because I’ve grown tired and angry at how our state government is being literally destroyed by our corrupt self-serving politicians who have brought this state to the brink of financial ruin.

Like you, I’m sick and tired of watching the politicians – our elected representatives – personally benefiting from their so-called public service. Like you I’m tired of the continued irresponsible state spending which in turn leaves us with the highest tax burden in the nation. And like you I’m tired of our government and our politicians working for the chosen few, the insiders, and never us. We deserve so much better and we must demand better. Much better. This is why I started this organization, on my own time, and with my own money, because I demand change, and I won’t stop till we get it.

Illinois was – and can be again – an economic leader. It has a great deal to offer including; a number of Fortune 500 companies, successful small businesses and innovative entrepreneurs, a leader in manufacturing, first class universities, strong farming and agri-business, a state rich in natural resources, a well educated and productive workforce, as well as a world-class city on the banks of one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Yet with all that going for us, our state continues to fall further and further behind states with far less. Why? Because our government and our politicians who are the decision makers no longer work for us, and no longer listen to us. We must demand change now!

This citizen organization needs to think and act different then those before us that have tried and failed to bring about change. Those organizations while committed to some of the same goals as ours have been passive in their approach, hoping to persuade the politicians to “do the right thing”. They’ve been defeated by the politicians again and again because the political game – and the political process- is rigged. Rigged and controlled by the politicians, for the politicians, not for us. Their organizations have been made of community leaders, business leaders as well as former and current politicians. While this organization values all supporters, the backbone of this organization will be everyday ordinary citizens like you and like me. Hard working citizens, who pay taxes, who raise their families here, and call Illinois home. Citizens that are fed up, angry and are willing to commit to working for real change.

I am committed to the mission of this citizens organization. So much so that I have invested my own financial resources to get it up and running. A citizens organization that I promise will be aggressive in its approach. A citizens organization that won’t be afraid to get in the faces of our elected politicians if need be. A citizens organization that won’t accept failure and won’t take no for an answer. A citizens organization that will change the rules of the game to allow us to take back control of our government and our state.

In my opinion, our government has been hijacked by politicians to serve themselves – not us! We can’t change Illinois unless we change the rules and put pressure on legislators to perform. For decades the rigged Illinois political system has been controlled by the politicians of both political parties. Both Democrat and Republican politicians have abused their power by drawing their own voting districts with the sole purpose of insuring their reelection. That arrogant sense of entitlement breeds corruption. Remember, as your read our website, all of us have one vote. Our votes count as much as anyone else in this state. If we mobilize together and support only candidates that will enact our fundamental changes, we can overthrow the entrenched politicians and make Illinois the powerhouse it should be.

I ask that you join with me to take back our state. Join us, and encourage your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same. We can’t give up. The price is too great. As you look at the pages that follow on this website, we will clearly spell out the goals that we must meet. There are three crucial fundamental changes to our government that make up our mission and will create the open, honest and transparent government we deserve. They are:

1. Term limits (constitutional amendment) – 8 years and out for every member of the Illinois senate and house. No exceptions.

2. Independent Map (constitutional amendment) – no more letting politicians draw their own self-serving districts where only they can win. Gerrymandering is in a word, undemocratic.

3. Dump Speaker Mike Madigan- he has to go! He alone has been, and is, the greatest obstacle to letting us as citizens (voters) vote on the two constitutional amendments above (term limits and an independent map). He has abused his power to single handily block every attempt to bring about the fundamental change that’s needed, and more importantly the change that polls show 80% of Illinois citizens want. He must go!

Please, I ask you to get involved. Sign up to volunteer. Sign our petition supporting our mission. Donate to keep this citizens organization viable, active and effective. Join with me. Join with us. Join because you’re mad as hell, and your not going to take it anymore. Join because you, along with millions of your fellow citizens demand change. Join and truly be part of an Illinois Citizen Uprising.


Jim Coxworth