Why Are Politicians Afraid of Competition


I’ve always thought that competition was a good thing. A healthy thing. That competition makes people better. It makes them work harder, bring their A game so to speak. It makes companies better. Helps them make better products. Helps them be more responsive and service their customers better. I’ve always believed that competition helped make America the economic giant it is today. Then why is it there’s not a politician alive who wants competition? A politician that truly enjoys competing for the hearts, minds and most importantly the votes of their fellow citizens. They don’t exist. Now don’t get me wrong some of them have to compete to win; Presidents, Governors, US Senators for sure, and a select few others, but trust me, even they would rather not. Why? Because competition scares the hell out of them. It scares them that they might lose. It scares them that they might lose the pay, the perks, the staff, the “stature”. They’re afraid that their very identity will be diminished. It’s why they do anything and everything to block competition. How do they do it? What advantages (tricks) do they have and use to stop competition from ever happening, thus ensuring their continued, extended, unearned stay in power? Stay tuned for details.

So there you have it. Lessons straight from the politician’s competition killing playbook. Convinced we need to change the rules of the game? We absolutely do.