Why Are Politicians Afraid of Competition - Political Muscle and Intimidation

WHY ARE POLITICIANS AFRAID OF COMPETITION? Part 2 – Political Muscle and Intimidation

4. Political Muscle/Intimidation. This is the oldest game in politics when it comes to killing the threat of competition for a sitting politician. They’ll lay it out to a challenger. Don’t think about running because we’ll spend whatever we need to beat you. We’ll attack you relentlessly, and mercilessly using tv, radio and direct mail. You won’t be able to raise money, the support you think you have will disappear, and your hope of having a political career will be crushed. You may think these are outdated tactics but they’re not.

So there you have it. Lessons straight from the politician’s competition killing playbook. Convinced we need to change the rules of the game? We absolutely do.

Tomorrow… Politician Competition Killing Trick #5… Handpicking Opponents